Astral “spiders” ….


Astral / etheric “spiders” …. myth or reality; … ..

Some may have perceived them, “seen” them for a long time ……. If we relax, many times when we are preparing to sleep or as soon as we wake up, we can “see” them fleetingly on the ceiling, on the wall or somewhere else … .. to “catch” them with the edges of our eyes …… appear in different sizes …… .. some faces are “attracted” by our mood and our feelings, maybe when we have a bad mood and feel we have a negative energy to “Appear” in a much larger size …… if you “show up” do not give them food with attention and fear, forget them, and do not think about them at all … ..what are you asking for protection once you realize their presence!

What is it?….

Opinions and opinions are different about what might be … .. there are several videos about whether someone wants to investigate it further … but I will share a video that in my opinion gives the best “interpretation” on the subject …. .

As the mosquitoes and some insects are drawn from the light

When we resist and are coordinated with our “mental” side and we cultivate our spirit … we raise our frequency to a higher level .. we display a bright light (aura), everywhere and all its lengths and widths of the universe .. this brightness can be perceived by some other guests of other dimensions / worlds, who have their natural curiosity .. to see from where this glowing light comes from!


One thought on “Astral “spiders” ….

  1. uzo_brazil says:

    scopolamine is what they use to poison you with

    they use synthetic telepathy on your mind via 3g tecknology

    you are a targeted individual being gangstalked

    they break in your house and place things

    you can’t even trust the fridge


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