Rapid developments in Saudi Arabia: Oil pipelines hit by drones!

Rapid developments in the Middle East, according to information, Saudi Arabia has been attacked by aggressively unmanned aerial vehicles, which have struck off oil pipelines.

A few hours after the news that Hutti launched an attack on Saudi Arabia’s strategic facilities and infrastructure, the country’s energy minister now announces the scenarios about whether the Shiite rebels’ previous allegations were true.

In particular, as Sputnik transmits, the Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, Halid Bin Al Fali, has reported that two oil pipelines have been attacked by aircraft in Saudi Arabia.

According to the minister, the attack, which caused a fire at “Station 8”, was today between 6.00am and 6.30am local time. He then noted that despite the attack, the production and export of Saudi oil will continue “without interruption”.

It is worth mentioning that the stations serve the East-West oil transport, from the oilfields of the eastern provinces to the Yanbu harbor on the west coast of the country.

What had been previously claimed by Hüti

A television station controlled by Hutu in Yemen reported today that the Shiite rebels launched an attack on Saudi facilities. He did not specify what the targets were, nor when the attack took place. All he said was that the operation was done with unmanned aircraft.

Saudi Arabia has not yet confirmed this information. Yesterday Riyadh announced that two of his tanks were attacked off the United Arab Emirates on Sunday.

The Masirah television network invoked Hati officers who said that “seven unmanned aircraft launched attacks on vital Saudi facilities.”


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