Scripta manent…

…this is an old saying people used to say but they hadn’t taken into consideration information’s superficiality which has been created by the super – entity of the information.

No matter how many articles have been written, only those who don’t stay to the superficial level and they don’t like others tell them what to think can understand, in any case these are our weapons to fight.

This article is a proposal to any leader who is going to be at any time to this timeline!

It’s a political strategy, which due to writer’s idiosyncrasy won’t be analyzed in order for every body to understand. I want my articles to be read by people with brain!

There is a new world order that has been messed up everything with its information, with its superficial, with the money, with the secret powers etc ..!

You are in a planet which is governed by some 100 criminal inheritors whose ancestors escaped from low’s safeguards and they became themselves the low and the state…!

One of the key features is separation, it’s the competition … cleverly created that leads to … I only look at myself… and I only care about how much money do you earn…! (the last one needs a big analysis but I’m not available to make it now)

Dear future leader, in order to win, and to create your society’s fortresses so that in 20 years from now to be able to have a social army, spiritually ready to handle humanity’s slavery, you have to target the time..>!

The societies and the wrong cultures can only be changed by the CHILDREN!!.. Inescapable rule…!

Your education has so badly been hurt as to educate more servants with low IQ… We educate doctrinaire brains, non-doubters, sub missives and competitors… so little kids’ souls understand that they have been trapped in a whorehouse and to survive along with all the planet’s convicts … must wear the appropriate mask which will make them feel safe!
In simple words, in this whorehouse full of lies and deceptions, there are more chances for someone who is a liar, and scammers with a hard heart to survive, than someone who is honest with ideals and a soul full of love… if you don’t accept this stop reading now, you are not able to understand the rest…!

Leader of tomorrow, the only solution for the future is to target the generations with the years…and to cut with the sword every competition regarding education…!

I will explain as much as an open mind can understand…!

Generation of 2020…all the children from all the schools of Greece should be a team that is trained to have as a goal its own generation number to be declared as the best in country’s history, the same for generation of 2021, the same for 2022…!

Which generation will make the most to humanity, which one will be the most valuable in history…!

Leader of tomorrow, by eliminating the competition among children in all forms, like exams, grades, be the first, second etc. you’ll manage to bring out of the young soul the hiding ideals, you’ll manage to pull out the stress of catch up, the stress of failure, you will create a huge generation team that will take care of each other with the goal the team to be proclaimed as the most capable generation…!

This generation will understand from the early age that the culture is what has inherited and not what their parents will give them, this generation will understand that lives in a world that must change by itself and there is no leader to do it instead. These generations will change the world, they will be the obstacle of world dominion which keep its power with the money and some employees who are redeemable because they are weak characters and they never had true relationships…and this is how they will remain…!

The only reaction to the illness that gained the earth is the generation and its education in new ideals..!
So leader of tomorrow, instead of accepting that the world is just crap and into this crap the living creatures have to obey, do what I just told you, It’s not so big movement that will bring you against to suzerains and if you do it cleverly they are not mentally capable to understand…!

It needs deep explanation, in terms of how and with what ways, I will not analyze it we don’t have time for this, I will not analyze what the soul has inside, and I will not analyze why is this the way to finished them globally… creating the foundations of tomorrow, to be the bright empire that will re teach to planet earth the real justice and civilization!

I had to write all these, there are thousands of things that I don’t write… and many more the things I write, and nobody sees them… or just few can see them…!

Stop the competition and specialization between children if you want to create a new generation capable to come up against to the slavery of globalization and to build a new Greece big and proud…!

you must remember that although there are a lot of education models, all of them have been created by those who want the children to be incapable to react, by those who have the money to finance certain and only advantageous innovations, only what is going to let them keep the power against the “herd”.. there is no place where you cannot point to the sky… there is nothing inside the womb of life that cannot be created from the beginning… whatever path you choose to infinity will lead you somewhere… If this somewhere is enough for you to escape from hell… then stop thinking as they trained, you and listen to your heart!>

We miserably failed….!



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